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Anju Thongsamay

I’ve been researching the available resources both for transwomen and men who are interested in knowing more and meeting them. I have already posted some resources to this category, and will update regularly.

Anju Thongsamay, from Thailand writes an excellent blog at

Anju’s blog is well written and informative. In a recent post discussing whether men should support their ladyboy girlfriends, Anju says: ‘It’s all up to you. I personally believe that work is big part of every human’s life. It makes you busy, teaches you the real value of money’. This is typical of her approach, which is simply to explain the life of a ladyboy.

Anju’s take is refreshingly pragmatic and direct. She’s educated and writes well and informatively. The information she provides is thoughtful and will definitely be useful to anyone seriously thinking about developing a relationship with a transwoman, not necessarily from Asia. Her site is well worth a visit, and she is personally very charming and happy to answer questions. Anju regularly updates her blog.

Once again, Anju’s blog should illustrate the fundamental truth that any man, or for that matter woman, who is interested in developing a relationship with a transwoman must absolutely recognise: transwomen are women. Anju says; ‘while we come in all shapes, sizes and types, we’re just women…expecting us to react any different than any other woman (especially to inappropriate comments, questions or behavior) is apt to garner nothing but our ire and disdain.’

Unfortunately, as readers of this blog already know, a great many men who express an interest in transwomen are actually homosexual, and frequently homophobic. They may themselves be autogynephile (that is, sexually attracted to the idea of themselves as women) and are often very predatory. The right thing for men like this to do is to hire an escort to satisfy their fantasies, because they aren’t seeking a real relationship, just the satisfaction of a fetishistic desire.

Transwomen are women and Anju’s writing repeatedly asserts this, in gentle but firm terms. Like anyone else, they have deep and powerful emotions, self-doubts, and pride. Being involved romantically with any woman is a roller-coaster, and the stronger the woman’s character, the greater will be the highs and the lows. Transwomen tend to be very powerful, deep characters. Be aware of this: a relationship with a transwoman will certainly not be anodyne, but full of colour and passion.

It’s a very good blog and I enjoy reading it. Why not check it out?


Anju’s Blog background

Migration Update

Nope, it’s not about legions of ladyboys moving home to Europe (I wish.)

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I’ve heard good and bad about the WordPress forwarding system, so for the next few weeks I’ll be double-posting both here and there, and then I will put the redirect into operation. There will be more features and a wider range of material on the hosted platform.

Meantime this is just for fun. Who doesn’t love some hot ladyboys?



Successful Thai businesswoman, actress, singer and political activist Nok Yollada

There’s perhaps a surprising amount of information on the Internet about transgender and transsex these days. There is significantly less about being attracted to transfolk, and a great deal of what there is tends to be found on conventional LGBT websites and other resources. Since men attracted to transwomen typically do not consider themselves to belong to any of those groups, these resources may be hard for them to find.

I know when I first discovered I had this desire I was very confused about it. I have always been highly sexual and very attracted to women and to female beauty.  I didn’t find much help in the LGBT sites, though this was a while ago.

It took me an age to discover anything meaningful because then, outside of porn sites, the only resources were the general LGBT ones. Continue reading

That Must Really Really Sting




A random and I must admit mischievous Google search—the masculine gay male is a fraud—really turned into an eye-opener for me.  I was just amazed how many men seem to have bought into this crap.

Masculine behaviour is no guide to sexual orientation, and never has been.  I spent nearly two decades as a very high level sports photographer, and if it taught me anything it was that sports—in particular contact field sports—while often considered the epitome of masculinity, are about the most strident expression of male homo-eroticism that exists in our culture. I have long since lost count of the number of times I have seen men cuddling, kissing, gazing into each other’s eyes, feeling each other up, rolling around on the ground, you fucking name it—all on a soccer pitch. And rugby? It’s worse. And that’s what goes on in public—let’s not mention what happens inside the dressing-rooms. Continue reading

Elephants in the Room (and Crocodiles)

It’s the elephant in the room, where relations between transwomen and men are concerned. Almost without exception, the assertion is made that the men who like transwomen are straight. Yet when you talk to transwomen in private or read their blogs, a very different picture appears. The majority of men who seek out transwomen far from being straight or anything close, are closet autogynephilic homosexuals (and homophobic to boot).

We would not expect honesty from these men about this; after all, look at the lengths they go just to deny their own homosexuality and maintain a false facade of hetero-normativity. Their words may be taken with a moderately-sized bucket of salt. But what about the girls? Why do transwomen ever lend credibility to this falsehood? Why don’t they just call these guys out from the get-go? Continue reading

The Ideal Partner?

ladyboy partnerThe fact is that the transwoman’s dream–of finding a young, fit, handsome, financially secure, STRAIGHT Mr Right, who will stick around, will almost never happen and a lot of broken hearts are made along the way. I know there are some exceptions and I wish them all the very best.

Most straight males will eventually want children; I don’t care what they say. This will hit them usually no later than their mid-thirties, and by and large, that’s when the fantasy ends; they go and find a genetic woman who can provide what they’re looking for. Adoption just doesn’t cut it for men, unless it’s the only recourse because they are sterile themselves. Continue reading



Donatello’s David. Sights like this are all over Pattaya

Although Ray Blanchard’s typology of transsex has been so intensively and profoundly challenged, by many whose skills and knowledge are greater than mine, it keeps cropping up. Today, most transwomen will reject it or ignore it, and thankfully this is increasingly the approach taken by professionals charged with their care, a least in more enlightened parts of the world.

However, there are still areas where people clearly swallow his notions wholesale. Recently I came across a site for ‘crossdreamers': men who have a desire to be women. Continue reading